200 to 300 Gallon Copper Still

Can Be Used with Electric or Steam Heating
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  • Item #: STZ-200/300
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Price $28,500.00

This 200 Gallon Copper Still is constructed using .064  16 Gage 99.9% pure half hardened Copper.



1- We Tig Weld all seams and attach all fittings using pure copper rod.

2- Funneled bottom for full drainage. 

3- 8” Stainless Access on front for cleaning.

4- 2 1/2” Sight glass at full level height.

5- 2” and 4” ports on cone for optional Agitator and cleaning.

6- 6” Ferrule with silicone gasket and clamp on top for attachment of Heads.

7- Quantity of 3 12” Reflux Sections with 2 bubble plates, down comers and sight glass in ea. section.

8- 1 Reflux Head with Temp Gage, reflux condenser and CIP ball.  

9- Gin Basket Attachment.

10- 36”x 6” Shot Gun Type Condenser with water ports.

11- Black painted steel stand.


We can build this still to run on your preferred heating preference.

Electric, Steam or Gas.

We can also adjust the dimensions of the still to fit your needs.

The Cost of the still as described is $28,500.00 + the cost of heating requirements.

Please let me know if you need additional equipment of want to change options.

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