Moonshine Still - 10 Gallon Traditional

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Price $550.00

Copper Moonshine Still - 10 Gallon Traditional

You won't find any other Appalachian Moonshine still like it!

This 10 Gallon copper moonshine still is made to order. A fine piece of distillery equipment! We know how to make a still! Our heavy copper moonshine stills can produce 2 gallons per run. The copper stills that I build for you will look and operate perfectly right out of the box. Not to be confused with those cheap moonshine stills for sale on most of what you see on the internet.


  • The main boiler is hemmed and silver soldered.
  • The complete moonshine still kits have everything you need in a moonshine still kits.
  • The copper stills thump keg (thumper) is 1 gallons and has a Brass screw cap on the front that gives you access for adding material for brewing different concoctions and also comes with a bypass tube if you prefer not to use it on this incredible still
  • The Moonshine still for Sale has a 1 1/2 gallon copper condensing worm with 3/8" copper worm with 3/4" in/out hose connections just like all of our moonshine still kits.
  • This moonshine still is made with 20 oz. 99.9% pure copper and silver solder.
  • It also has a professional grade Temperature Gauge.
  • Our moonshine still plans are painstakingly developed with an eye for detail.. If you can find a finer Moonshine Still for sale… buy it! 
  • All of the seams are hemmed and the main boiler is also riveted for additional reinforcement. What a well built piece of distillery equipment. 


  • 10 Gallon heavy Copper Pot With Thumper 1" Copper Parrot Style 1/2" Copper
  • Tube Copper to copper fittings 3/8" Worm with hose connections 3/8" Worm with hose connections Silver Soldered.
  • Professional temperature gauge. The pot, thumper and worm are all machine rolled, hemmed and beaded.

This copper still will produce over 2 gallons on a single run!!!

This Moonshine Still is delivered by FedEx... As always FREE SHIPPING to US customers!!!! (Lower 48 States)

I build "ONLY THE BEST" If you would prefer to make this purchase private I can make that happen too. Call Me at 978 457 5366 to get this still privately and save $$$


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