Moonshine Still - 6 Gallon Traditional Super Stealthy

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6 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still 
Great Started Still!

Compact and Stealthy

Moonshine Still for Sale 6 Gallon Super Stealthy

This 6 Gallon moonshine still is custom made to order. We have the know how to make a fine piece of distillery equipment! These heavy copper moonshine stills can produce 1 gallon+ of distillate per run. The copper stills that I build for you will look and operate exactly like the one pictured. It is not one of those cheap moonshine stills for sale on eBay. This is a fine piece of distilling equipment. The copper stills thump keg (thumper) is has a lead free brass screw cap for adding material for brewing different concoctions and also comes with bypass tubes if you prefer not to use it on these awesome stills.

The Moonshine still for Sale here has a condensing worm with 3/8" copper worm and in / out hose connections that are featured on all of our moonshine still kits.

This moonshine still is made with 20 oz. Paul Revere Copper and 99.9% pure copper silver solder.

It also has a Professional temperature / pressure gauge. We pride ourselves in the development of our moonshine still plans. If you can find a better Moonshine Still for sale… buy it!

All of the seams are hemmed and the main boiler is also riveted. That’s how to make a still a piece of durable distillery equipment.

This still is not one of the cheap moonshine still for sale elsewhere. It’s one of the most complete moonshine kits you’ll ever see!

The pot, thumper and worm are all machine rolled, hemmed and beaded. This still is not "slapped together" there is a lot of time and skill used in the construction of this fine work of art. This still was designed to be used on a stove top with 16" centers for the Pot and Thumper but can also be used with a propane stand burner; additionally this still does not need to be used in a straight configuration. The thumper is attached to the pot and worm using lead free brass flare fittings allowing you the option of moving the pot and worm closer or further apart depending on your needs. Do not use this still indoors if you are using flammable concoctions. This still will produce a finished product at 57 degrees (very important) using only tap cool water in the condensing worm.


·         6 Gallon Pot (thumper and worm are sized for each unit) With Thumper

·         1/2" Copper Tube 3/8" Worm with hose connections

·         Drain plug on the thumper.

·         All Silver Solder

·         Temperature/pressure gauge.

·         Hand made, polished and fully tested.

·         Made with heavy 20 0z. copper (.027 - 22 ga.)

·         brass hose fittings


What a great addition to your "Mantown" collection of fire it up. These stills are fully tested and work great.

This Elegant Copper Moonshine Still is delivered by FedEx

As always… FREE SHIPPING to US customers!!!! (Lower 48 States)

If you are interested in a good entry level still for this growing hobby this is the copper still you want.

Steven Stillz Builds the Best Stills

If you would prefer to make this purchase private I can make that happen too.



Moonshine Still for Sale 6 Gallon Super Stealthy 

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