Moonshine Still for Sale 50 Gallon Traditional Copper

Moonshine Still for Sale 50 Gallon Traditional Copper
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Price $4,750.00

StillZ 50 Gal Copper Moonshine GRAPPA Double Burner
Complete Still Kit!
(Allow 6 Weeks for Delivery)

This is a 50 / 70 Gallon Double Boiler Electric Fired Copper Grappa Still .
    The outside boiler is 70 Gallons and the inside boiler is 50 GallonsCopper Double Boiler Still Make GRAPPA, Hash Oil, Fragrances and Essential Oils

Stills Can Be Dangerous so You Need to Protect Yourself by Buying a Well Built Still. 
  Do you Really Want to Risk Getting Hurt to Save a Buck?

There Are a Lot of Copycats of my Stills  but None Even Come Close.
  I Will be in Business Years from Now... Will They be in Business Tomorrow? Eventually, Most Will Fail by Selling Inferior Products.

I'm Not Saying You Should Buy an Artisan Built High Quality 
Heavy Copper Moonshine Still 
from Me, but I am Saying

that You Owe it to Yourself to Compare My Distillery Grade Copper Stills
Head to Head with My Competition. The Choice is Clear.
I Build Stills... My Son Builds Stills, My Dad Built Stills and
My Grandfather Built Stills as did the Generations Before Him. 

Here in the Appalachian Mountains, High Quality 
Copper Moonshine Stills Have Been a Way of Life 
For Hundreds of Years

Compare My Stills to the Other Manufacturers:
    • My Family has been in the Copper Still business for generations. Will the other guy 
      be in business tomorrow?
    • Ask them if they use 20 oz. Copper manufactured by Paul Revere Copper Company™, the world's premier maker of food grade copper.   
    • Do they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee including Shipping? I do.
    • Ask them about their Copper Moonshine Still making experience. My family has been building quality Copper Stills for generations. "TRIED AND TRUE"!
    • Ask them if their stills are made in the USA. Many are made in China or by other Asian Exporters. These stills are questionable at best. My Stills are Built by Copper Artisans.
    • If they say they can deliver your custom still in 2 or 3 days, don’t believe it. They are selling you some imported junk from off the shelf.
    • My Moonshine Stills are more affordable although they are built better than ANY still available. Don't live a lifetime of regret by buying a cheap still.
    • Ask them if they offer phone and email support... I do! Even Before You Buy!

If You Can Find A Better Still at a Better Price, Buy It!

Check Out All of My Copper Moonshine Stills and Moonshine Still Accessories

The Moonshiners Will all Tell You... Heavy Copper Moonshine Stills Make the Best Whiskey

I Buy Directly from Paul Revere Copper Company 
I DO NOT Use Cheap Roofing Copper that Contains Lead.

See if You can Find Another Builder of Moonshine Stills on that Doesn't Use Roofing Copper.
You Won't... THEY ALL DO

This Grappa Still is Perfect for a Small Distillery

Built Using the Thickest Copper for this Type of Still   

You will be Impressed with the Quality of this Still or 

  Your Money Back.

The Only Copper Still That Offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee

!!! 20 oz. 22 Gauge Copper !!!

My Moonshine Stills are Built to Last.

Other Sellers Have Tried to Duplicate my Copper Moonshine Stills 
But They Don't Even Come Close.

      How can I Offer Such a Well Built Heavy Copper Moonshine Still 
at an Such Unbelieveably Competitive Price?

        I have Invested Lots of $$$ in Cutting Machinery and Buy my 20 oz. 22 ga. Copper in Bulk from
the Paul Revere Copper Company...

      Passing on the Savings to YOU!

     That's Right... You'll Get 20 oz. Copper for the Price of 16 oz!

     20 Ounce Paul Revere Copper Moonshine Still     

No One Builds Stills like Steven Stillz... No one.

This Copper Moonshine Still is Built to Hold the 
Massive Weight of Your Mash


50 Gallons of Mash Weighs in at Around 420 Pounds 
  and this 
Copper Grappa Sill... Built Using Heavy
    20 oz. Copper... is Constructed to Hold it.


My Heavy 20 oz. Copper Still is the Best Built Still you will Find
        and will 
Out Perform any Copper Moonshine Still Anywhere

Copper Moonshine Still for Sale

If you have any problems with this or any of my other stills
simply return it to me for a replacement or your money back.

This is a Big Heavy Copper Still and if You're Serious About this Hobby This is the Still you Want.

I Also Offer the Purchase of Stills Privately by Check.

I also offer 25, 30, 50 and 60 gallon Moonshine Stills and 
Custom Built Micro Distilleries up to 300 Gallons


Bonus Informational CD with any Copper Moonshine Still    "Copper Grappa Still" with Thumper and Worm

        *Huge 50 Gallon / 70  Gallon Copper Grappa Still Double Boiler 
with drain .. 50" H x 24" Diameter
          *5 gallon all copper Thumper ... 16" H x 10" Diameter 
          * 9000 W heating elements with digital controller 
          *1/2" Copper Tube
          * 5 gallon Worm with hose connections  ... 16" H x 10" Diameter
          *All Silver Solder
          *With Winters Professional Temperature Gauge

Our Highly Polished Copper Moonshine Stills Make a Beautiful Display for Your Man Cave Fire it Up 

"A Great Conversation Piece" 
Hand made, polished and fully tested.

The boiler, thumper and worm are all machine rolled , hemmed
and beaded.

Works Perfectly!

Fill it with your mash and seal the cap using Teflon plumbers tape of 
        black electrical tape for a clean seal and your'e ready to go!


This Copper Grappa Still is Not "Slapped Together" There Was a Lot of Time and Skill Used in the Construction of this Fine Work of Art.

This still does not need to be used in a straight configuration.

Use With or Without Thumper

The thumper is attached to the pot and worm using  copper to copper fittings 
allowing you the option of moving the pot and worm closer or further apart 
depending on your needs.

Notice the Drain Plug on the Thumper... Most other Stills Sold on EBay and 
  Elsewhere on the Internet do not have this Option.
This Copper Moonshine Still will Produce a Finished Product at 57 Degrees 
  (Very Important) Using only Cool Tap Water in the Worm.

 Made with Heavy 20 oz. Copper (.0270 - 22 ga.), Brass Fittings, all Silver Solder and Water Soluble Flux.

A Great Addition to Your "Mantown" Collection
of Fire it Up.

This Pure Copper Moonshine Still was Fully Tested 
and Works Great. 

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