Stillz 220,000 BTU Propane Super Burner

Stillz 220,000 BTU Propane Super Burner
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Price $349.00

 Stillz Super Propane Burner Produces 220,000 Plus BTU!

(Allow 6 Weeks for Delivery)

 220,000 BTU Stillz Super Burner


More than enough heat to fire our 20, 30, 40 and 50 Gallon Moonshine Stills. Super Accurate Adjustment Dial Makes for Precise Temperature Adjustments. Super reinforced to handle the weight of your still with a full load of mash.

All Stillz Stills and Accessories are fully Tested and Work Perfectly!

 Know what you Own!  

Email me for prices or give me a call to discuss your needs and expectations.


Great Addition to Your "Mantown" Collection of “Fire it Up”.

Make Me A Reasonable Offer! …. this is a well made big still.
I Guarantee you will Love this Still.

International Buyers NOTE:
If you live outside the US and want one, be aware that shipping costs for boxes of this size internationally is very expensive and you need to contact me. 

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