Stillz Super Reflux Moonshine Column

Stillz Super Reflux Moonshine Column
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Stillz Super Reflux Moonshine Column


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If You are interested in A Reflux Column for your still We have them! Please call 978-457-5366 to discuss your options. 

Instantly Produces a markedly increased strength of alcohol in a single run by returning more water to the pot and a higher proof end product in a single run.

By controlling the temperature of the condenser, often called a dephlegmator, a reflux still may be used to ensure that higher boiling point components are returned to the flask while lighter elements are passed out to a secondary condenser. This is useful in producing high quality alcoholic beverages, while ensuring that less desirable components (such as fusel alcohols ) are returned to the primary flask.

For high quality neutral spirits (such as vodka), or post distillation flavored spirits (gin, absinthe), a process of multiple distillations or charcoal filtering may be applied to obtain a product lacking in any suggestion of its original source material for fermentation. The geometry of the still also plays a role in determining how much reflux occurs. In a pot still, if the tube leading from the boiler to the condenser, the lyne arm, is angled upward, more liquid will have a chance to condense and flow back into the boiler leading to increased reflux.

Typical results can increase production as high as 50% over the basic worm type condenser. The addition of a copper "boiling ball" in the path creates an area where expansion of gasses into the ball causes cooling and subsequent condensation and reflux. In a column still, the addition of inert materials in the column (e.g., packing) creates surfaces for early condensation and leads to increased reflux.

All Stillz Stills and Accessories are fully Tested and Work Perfectly!

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Great Addition to Your "Mantown" Collection of “Fire it Up”.

Make Me A Reasonable Offer! …. this is a well made big still.
I Guarantee you will Love this Still.

International Buyers NOTE:
If you live outside the US and want one, be aware that shipping costs for boxes of this size internationally is very expensive and you need to contact me. 

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