Making the best stills ever.

Known as "the Cadillac of Stills." Our stills are built using Paul Revere Copper — the best copper available. We only use the best products available and spare no expense when building quality stills. Highly polished and tested before shipment. No still is shipped unless it meets our unmatched standards.

A complete set of stills.
A complete set of Cap Logic Stills by Stillz.


Our Stillz are 100 % Hand Made with Machine Cut, 20oz, 99.9% Pure Copper. All Parts are Rolled, Hemmed and beaded for superior structural integrity. We use 100% Lead Free Silver Bearing Solder. Built by Highly Trained, Industry Leading, Professionals.

Copper Still by Stillz
A complete set of Cap Logic Stills by Stillz.


With so many Still manufacturers popping up across the world. It's becoming more and more difficult to find a quality company, that you can trust, to build your still. Before making that choice, I urge you to have a closer look at the finer details!