Granpa's Rye Whiskey


  • 7 lbs Rye
  • 2 lbs Barley
  • 1 lbs Malt
  • 6 Gallons of water
  • 1 oz Yeast


Heat water to 70 degrees then mix in malt and grains.
While stirring the mixture, slowly heat to 160 degrees (raise temperature 5 degrees, every 2 minutes) Keep the mixture at 160 degrees, stirring constantly for 2-3 hours to convert starch into fermentable sugar and dextrin.
Filter off liquid and place into fermentation device and allow it to cool to 70-80 degrees. Immediately pitch with 3 grams of yeast to avoid secondary fermentation and contamination.
Add 1 gram of ammonium-fluoride. Stir liquid for 1 minute then cover and seal with an airlock. Mash will take 5-7 days to ferment.
After fermentation is complete, pour into still, filtering through a pillow case to remove all solids.