Good Whiskey


  • Malt
  • Sugar
  • Yeast
  • Rain water


You can buy the malt from any big supermarket, if they don’t have it they will order it for you. The brand names for the malt and yeast I always used was Blue Ribbon and Red Top. The malt is a liquid and comes in a can, the yeast comes in cakes. For every can of malt you will add 5 gallons of warm water.
Dissolve 5lbs of sugar and add 1 cake of yeast.
Mix all this together in a barrel made of plastic, stainless steel or copper. (Under no should you use aluminum.)
Keep it covered with cheese cloth to keep bugs out.
Keep it in a warm place till it ferments.
Then you can cook if off in your still and have the smoothest whiskey you have ever tasted. After you run off the whiskey and it is clear like water. You can color it by taking a piece of dry fruit wood (or maple)), burn the fruit wood over a flame till it is blackened, drop it in your clear whiskey. In a few days the whiskey will be the color of the store bought whiskey.